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I started questioning life far before I began questioning economics. In both, I began my inquiry with an open mind and am fortunate in that I found answers to the questions responsible for my inquiry.

There is an interconnectedness that runs though all of life, including spirituality and economics. The economic collapse we are experiencing is not separate from spiritual issues. Indeed, they are intertwined at levels far deeper than imagined.

Just as money is not what we believe it to be, neither is reality. Both money and reality are derivatives. Today, money is a form of debt instead of savings and reality is only a shadow of what truly IS.

The ancient Greeks, Plato and Socrates, understood this. Platos allegory of The Cave explains the difference between reality and what we believe it to be. The ancient Sanskit word, maya (illusion) also reflects this truth, that what we believe to be reality is, in fact, a derivative of a greater state.

Religion is the term used to describe humanitys path to God. An excellent description of that path is that given by Cerithous, a description called, "The One True Religion".

The One True Religion The Cerithouse Material, Michael T. Bucci
Artwork by Rebecca Bucci

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Love is the context of our collective experience. That we do not experience it to be so is a result of our state of consciousnessor, rather, unconsciousness. And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept. (Genesis 2:21).

Were still sleeping but were about to wake up. Get ready.


Channels of Light

One age is passing. Another age is coming. Channels of light help shed light on the transition

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A seeker set out to discover the truth. One day he walked past a farmer and asked for a cup of water. The farmer after giving him the water asked where he was going.

Im going to find the truth.

How will you know when you find it?

My mind will know. My mind can shine light into darkness and discern the difference between truth and falsehood. My mind will be my guide.

The farmer smiled sadly at the seekers response and sighed.

Do you not think I will find the truth? The seeker asked.

Oh, of that there is no doubt. The mind will show you many truths. It is the truth the mind will not show you that is the problem.

The SuperConscious
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The Maitreya by Pat Aiken
Pat Aiken is a well known artist originally from Wisconsin and now living in Tucson, AZ and is in her ninth decade on the planet. She has traveled the world studying with spiritual teachers and practicing the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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